Became a platform for the distribution and brand positioning of fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria.

Over the years manufacturers have utilized the available manpower, redistribution network, brand management and outdoor management structures of Zitonia to grow their brands.

Distributor of goods

Sales & Marketing Consultant

We have remained relevant in the area of practical application of sales and marketing.

Human Resource Strategist

We have recruited professionals and competent staff for relevant organizations in the country.​

Business Management Training

We have trained existing staff for improved competence in customer management skills which has helped in enhancing sales revenues.

Marketing Campaigns & Product Launch

We have conducted marketing campaigns and product launch programs across Nigeria including Ghana.

Innovation & Rebranding of Product

Zitonia led teams to drive product development for innovation and renovation of brands to meet with the needs of consumers and customers.

Capital Project Management

Apart from being a brand management and a sales redistribution company, we also collaborate with companies to execute and manage capital projects.

Zitonia has worked for the following organisations:


Front-line Customer Service Training for Banks

Access Bank front line staff participated in the training.

First Bank front line staff participated in the training.

We Manage Agric Based Operations

Plant Pest Control

We have the competence to manage weeds, insects, diseases and other organisms that directly or indirectly cause damage in your farmland.

Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponics is not only beneficial to your health, but it is also beneficial to the environment. It is a more sustainable method of growing vegetables and fruits, so it has a lower environmental impact. Hydroponic gardens can also help to improve air quality.

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